Why Does Amazon Suspend Seller Accounts

Why Does Amazon Suspend Seller Accounts?

Amazon is a very fair platform where sellers win customers with a lot of effort. Every seller on Amazon knows it better that it is very important to avoid seller’s account suspensions. Amazon seller suspension definitely comes as a jolt to the sellers as they earn their bread and butter from there. Most of the times it comes unexpectedly and can last forever. Amazon has strict selling policies and they take it very seriously. If you are ruling out them then you may have to pay for it in the form of suspension of your account.

Receiving a performance notification from Amazon is devastating for the business if it indicates suspension of the account. The road to reinstatement is often difficult to navigate but with the correct pathway in the form of Amazon reinstatement letter can pave the road to success.


What is an Amazon Seller Account Suspension?

It simply means that the seller is not allowed anymore to sell on Amazon or sell a particular product that has been suspended. Firstly, sellers get a notification as a warning from Amazon mentioning the reason and the product number. Finally, notification is further declaring the suspension of the account.

As a seller, you have all the rights to put an appeal called Amazon suspension appeal. Once you send the appeal you can only hope to get your appeal accepted. If it does not accept the appeal that means that Amazon has denied your appeal. You do not need to send it again as Amazon does not entertain repetitive appeals.


Top reasons behind the suspension of account

  1. Product quality is poor:

The products you are selling on Amazon do not meet their standards your account can be suspended. If the product is expired, not original, or has a major defect of any kind then be ready to face the consequences. Also, a product with too much negative feedbacks and extremely poor ratings from the customer can attract the suspension of the account. Therefore, it becomes mandatory for sellers to ensure their products are of high-quality.


  1. Selling Inauthentic Items

Products sold on Amazon should be of the highest quality. There is a possibility of selling fake goods if third party sellers are involved. Although Amazon runs the products under tight scrutiny to check for the fake, there are instances when this problem occurs. In order to maintain the best service, Amazon removes these fake minds.


  1. Delay in Delivery or Wrong Delivery

Amazon makes it a point that its seller delivers the products to the buyer within two days of ordering. If it exceeds the two days period then leverage of one more day can be given which makes it three. If this period is exceeded by the seller, that’s termed as a delayed order. Amazon takes its reputation very seriously and if it gets tarnished in any way you may get a warning message from Amazon. If the trend of making delay in delivery continues from your side your account can be suspended. Also, if the seller makes a mistake of doing wrong delivery it can also attract negative feedback from buyers, this may also put their account at risk.


  1. Conflict in the IP Address or Faking the Identity

Conflict in the IP Address or Faking the Identity is one of the most common reasons for account suspension. Amazon strictly prohibits two sellers from sharing networks and operating under the same IP address. It is a violation that can lead to the suspension of both the accounts. Also, only one seller account is allowed per company profile and per bank account. If somebody tries to manipulate any of the above may lead to permanent expulsion of the account.


  1. Feedback/Review Manipulation

It is a fact that there are many sellers who buy out positive reviews in exchange for products or refunds. To earn these fake positives there are many social networking groups that actively work towards helping these sellers. Amazon strictly and immediately takes action against these sellers who indulged in review manipulation. In some cases, the sellers are sued and have to face the lawsuit.


  1. Failure to Address Intellectual Property Complaints

Intellectual property law comprises of enforcement of patents, trademarks/trade dress, and copyrights. When the rights owner or we can say the party who owns a respective patent, trademark, or copyright, makes a claim of infringement against an Amazon Seller; Amazon looks into the matter and notifies the seller of the complaint. After that, it removes the listing for that product and asks the seller to work out a retraction of the complaint with the rights owner.


  1. Not So Good Seller Performance

Amazon makes it a point to review its seller’s account and evaluate their performance as it is not about you it’s about Amazon. You are under continuous scrutiny when it comes to your performance. Most importantly. Amazon focuses on its image and credibility amongst its huge customer base. Therefore if it finds any ups and downs in your performance that means it impacts the image of Amazon directly. If you are a new seller on Amazon, then you must only your potential and performance can safeguard you.


  1. Disobeying Amazon Selling Policies

Amazon’s selling policy is like a holy book and nobody dares to disobey its terms of service. Following the guidelines can never put you to risk but if you are not found at par with it then it is a cause of concern. Some of them are selling prohibited goods mentioned in Amazon’s policy like arms and ammunition, illegal animal products and many more. Apart from that if some seller is selling goods registered under another brand or possess its trademark then it may bring a lot of concern for you. Adding furthermore if the sellers guide the buyers another platform to make purchases may be a very simple reason that they possess stores where they sell those products they have displayed on Amazon then it is a matter of grave concern. You cannot use Amazon as a promotional platform for your products.



There are multiple reasons because of which sellers get suspended from Amazon. If sellers comply with Amazon’s policies all of these reasons for suspension can easily be avoided. You just need to make an appeal through Amazon reinstatement letter and if everything goes well then you are good to go again to write your success story.

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