Tips To Remove Negative Feedback On Amazon

Tips To Remove Negative Feedback On Amazon

Bad reviews cannot be a cause of happiness to any seller. A bad review is equal to a bad day in the life of a seller. It is one of the biggest headaches for Amazon sellers. It can be a nightmare that can drag down your sales like anything.

Amazon consists of almost 2 million sellers and they are responsible for the major chunk of those amazon sales. A good rating means the trust of the buyers that can only be earned with good customer reviews and ratings. No seller wants to have negative comments or fewer ratings as it directly affects their sale. It not only hurts their reputation but also prevents new people and buyers from getting connected to them, making a purchase and making amazon suspend their account. This brings the sellers to a stage where they need the services of a professional to write Amazon appeal letter.

The buyers are so smart these days that they not only check the rating of the product before making the purchase but also check the rating from the Amazon seller profile to check which seller is trustworthy and reliable. They prefer to choose the seller with a higher rating and do not put their stake on the ones whom they consider untrustworthy.

 Most of the sellers know that winning the trust of the customers is important for their successful and long career. It is like a win-win situation for them that not only increases their sales but also helps them earn new customers. When you have an amazing reputation among the buyers then Amazon also continues with you for a longer time.

It becomes really important for sellers to know how negative feedback can be removed from Amazon. Thankfully, you have an equal chance to remove negative, less favorable as well as neutral feedback.

Comments that are considered as negative

  1. Obscene language:

The comment that has obscene language or obscene words in them comes under the category of negative comment. If somebody uses objectionable words or language while writing a comment that itself means that he does not either like the product, service or is unhappy because of something. 

  1. Information about an adverse experience

If the comment of the buyer includes information about a bad or an adverse situation that he has gone through because of the product he has purchased then it comes in the category of a negative comment. It may be related to the delivery of the product or the packaging or some similar situation. Taking an example, if somebody has ordered a mobile and gets a pair of shoes in his parcel then it is surely an adverse experience that nobody forgets. Though it cannot be removed but can be edited by the seller.

  1. Negative information about product quality

If the customer does not like the quality of the product or may have experienced a bad day because of it then it is something that can put a dent on the reputation of the seller. For instance, you have purchased an electronic product but it is not of good quality or does not match the features that are mentioned on the site.

How Amazon sales impact Amazon sales

  1. You can lose your chance to win a buy box

You can lose your chance to win the buy box because of negative feedback as it is the box on a product detail page. This buy box allows the customer to add items to their shopping cart. Many sellers compete for the same product and offer to be visible in the buy box. This is why the order without any problem is worth 100 points and a negative comment can result in the order penalty giving them little chance to attract buyers.

  1. Negative feedbacks revokes privileges

Amazon measures the ODR that is the order defect rate of the sellers. It is the percentage of the order that has received negative feedback in addition to the poor review of the customer.

Amazon considers one and two-star ratings as negative. Thus the sellers have to be really cautious as ODR above 1% can result in losing your privileges and this could lead to the removal of the seller’s privileges.

  1. Neutral feedbacks are also not welcomed

If a seller receives 3-star ratings then also it does no good to the seller as it damages the seller’s reputation. Amazon takes into account the five-star rating and measures the seller’s feedback with an average five-star rating. 

Steps to remove Negative feedback

  1. Check the review carefully

You need to check the review carefully; if the comment or feedback violates Amazon guidelines then a request for removal can be made to Amazon. If the buyer writes product reviews on sellers’ feedback comments, write any promotional content like other merchant’s name or website, use obscene language or write personal information then you have a fair chance to get it removed.

  1. Report to Amazon seller support

If any of the above matters persists like writing unwanted issues that are not related to the product then you can contact the Amazon seller support to get that review removed. If you find that the comment is written by a competitor and is not genuine then also you can contact the Amazon seller support.

  1. Contact the buyer by sending email personally

Your next step is to reach the buyer through an email to request the removal of the negative feedback when you find all the doors of hope closed. Amazon allows buyers to remove negative feedback. You just need to contact them before it is too late and apologize for your mistakes. It can lead to a change of heart and solve your purpose.

  1. Leave a quick response on the site

If you find that in spite of several efforts the buyer does not remove the comment then you can leave a quick response on the site so that they can see that you have made an effort to resolve the issue. Just keep your response short, professional and dignified.

End Note

After going through all the ups and downs and dealing with the negative comments Amazon Suspension Appeal Service is the last option left for the sellers if they want to make their run for success go smoothly on Amazon.

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