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It is important that your customers know you but what is more important than this is that you know your customers. Without a potential customer base, it is impossible to generate profit which is why it is good to personalize with them and know their aspects and expectations with the products that you sell. This can be done via feedback, reviews, etc.

It has been seen that in e-commerce personalization, where companies try and bond with the customers over social media or even via e-mails or text messages, the sales were boosted to up to 56% than the regular sales. Online marketing and online stores are becoming popular day by day due to the fact that people find it easier to shop online rather than searching for physical stores for the products that they want. Time constraint is another factor that has led to a boom in this industry which is why personalizing with the customers has become a very important factor now. So amazon product review management does necessary for all type of sellers.

Whenever a customer uses any services, they are supposed to leave feedback. Every app as well as website now has the facility of rating them in stars and also leaving a small comment about the experience. According to the human psyche, people definitely write a review, if they have a bad experience with the product or services. This is known as negative feedback.

Almost 70 percent of the reviews are based on negative customer experiences; however, there are various methods by which we can change such feedback to a positive one.

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Apply these Five-Step Mantra for Online Review Management Services

First Step:

Firstly, negative feedback has to be looked upon in a very positive way. We should not judge the customer; in case they have a bad experience. Rather, we should look at that as an improvement area.

Second Step:

The second step is to post a feasible reply. If you do not acknowledge the feedback, the customer may never buy from you again. This is why the immediate next step is to provide a considerate reply that assures that customer that they are being heard. You don’t really have to be apologetic; however, you need to be thankful because every feedback, be it positive or negative, is really important.

Third Step:

Offering a solution, if there is any, is a great third step that you can take. In case the customer is delivered the faulty product or needs help with something that can be altered, take the opportunity to provide the consumer with the best possible solution that you have. Sometimes, it is good to go out of the box, and help your customer because they take their valuable time out, to post feedback as well as use your services. They sure deserve a solution at least.

Fourth Step:

Improvement based on negative feedback is the next step. As a company, you need to have a team of professionals who work towards the improvement of your good or services. With their expertise, you can face a major boost in your profit percentage, if the customer gives you a second chance, and you excel in it.

Fifth Step:

Implementation of the analysis done by the team plays a major role in making your business successful. Although it may take a while, once you implement the improvements, you will be able to see an increase in your potential customer base.

Appropriate Usage of Technology

Mobile apps have artificial intelligence with the help of which the app recognizes the choice of the consumer based on which it displays the products of the customer’s choice on the top of the list. This is the reason why apps have the facility of logging in and creating an account where they can list their selection and the next time you search for something; the app remembers the previous selection and displays what you prefer most.

Similarly, you can use this technology to post replies, based on the negative feedback of the customer. It is really crucial to post a reply on the negative feedback within 24 hours. Any delay in this can actually affect your business in a negative way. That’s why professional product feedback management services are necessary for online business.

Modern search engines have the facility of displaying what you actually are looking for because they are equipped with conversion using artificial intelligence where the tool recognizes the gist of the content that you are looking for and provides you with ideas related to the keywords that you search for. Once you’ve created an official webpage, it also requires this technology which means that you need to make it user-friendly. This makes it so much easier for the user because they don’t have to look for the content again and again which in turn creates a positive impact on those users, who think of leaving negative feedback.

This is mostly applicable in case of e-commerce websites where people try and search for different things. It is about making the search easier for them so that they do not get tired of filtering from the things that they do not even know about. This would help in making their experience better, and help improve the perception of the company.

How Can We Help in Product Feedback Management?

We at Orphocommerce are a premier Reputation Management agency that specializes and operates specifically for renewing and reinstating Amazon seller accounts that have been suspended or suffering from bad and negative customer reviews. We see small stores on Amazon that rely on their seller account for a major source of their income. Due to the popularity and brand outreach of Amazon it has given a fresh lease of life to many indigenous traders who find a global market for their wares on Amazon. When such accounts are affected, it has a huge impact on the seller and his family. Orphocommerce makes use of effective and personalized emails, follow up measures and appropriate redressal channels to appeal to Amazon over their decision and convince them to restore the accounts to active.

We also specialize in Reputation Management for seller accounts on Amazon which helps eliminate negative and unwanted reviews and build a better consumer outreach program on the platform. Hire us for online review management services.

We also work with SEO because this process helps in providing results for a search conducted by a person in a better way.

This is the reason why SEO has gained so much popularity because there are so many searches conducted by people every day that it is very important to make the search engines perform better so that the person does not need to struggle with the kind of answers that they are looking for.

Recognition via the social media and e-commerce personalization is at its highest peak and the reason behind this is that people are learning more about such tools and are finding it easier to connect with big corporates and companies that they are consumers of.

A little bit of personalization of the Amazon Seller Account imparts a very friendly message to the user and the user gets compelled to visit the same seller account again. It is really important for the web developer to think from the perspective of the user who uses the website personalization optimization webpage so that they can create something that impresses them, not tip them off, even if they leave negative fee.

Another way of connecting with the users, that we use, is to get the content written in an informal manner. Users think that big companies are only concerned with their sales because they put in content that is very formal and is not very simple to understand. This is the reason why we have come up with this method where the team sends a personal message to the user on their webpage, especially if there is someone who has left a negative feedback

These are marketing strategies applied by us, that really has a strong impact on people which is why they use it on a regular basis. Our web developers along with front end developers can create such portals that aren’t hard to operate.

Every company now has their personal webpage so that they can represent themselves worldwide on the global scale and create a massive sprawl. Even if it is a small dealer, they are online because they know that the web is used by almost anyone and everyone who knows how to operate a computer.

According to Steve Jobs, “people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” This is true in every aspect because many times we try and search something on a search engine and aren’t able to find it because of the wrong choice of words.  Whenever we require to know or even find anything, we directly search the web for it. This is the reason why SEO has gained so much impetus and popularity because there are so many searches conducted by people every day that it is very important to make the search engines better so that the person does not need to struggle.

The above are just some examples, where you can turn negative feedback into a positive experience. If the customers feel that we acknowledge what they enter on the webpage and that we are working towards enhancing their experience in a better way, they may well change their mind and give you a second chance.

Amazon Product Review Management

We are here to provide best online review management services for Amazon Seller Central account. We keep our complete focus on Amazon guidelines for product review management and customer feedback management services. So the decision is yours, hiring us for product feedback management will be a good step for your business.